Ergon Energy Union Collective Agreement 2015: What You Need to Know

Ergon Energy is a Queensland-based electricity distributor and retailer that provides power to around 750,000 customers across the state. As a large employer, Ergon Energy has a significant union presence, with over 2,000 workers belonging to various unions.

In 2015, Ergon Energy negotiated a new collective agreement with three of its largest unions: the Electrical Trades Union (ETU), the Australian Services Union (ASU), and the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union (CEPU). The agreement covers a wide range of areas, from pay and conditions to health and safety.

One of the key issues in the negotiations was job security, with the unions seeking assurances that there would be no forced redundancies or outsourcing of jobs. The agreement includes a commitment from Ergon Energy to maintain current staffing levels and to consult with the unions before making any changes that could affect jobs.

Another important area of the agreement is pay. The new agreement includes a 3% pay increase each year for three years, as well as an increase in the base hourly rate for some workers. There are also changes to shift allowances and penalty rates, which will benefit some workers.

The agreement also includes improvements to working conditions, such as increased flexibility in working hours and improved access to training and development opportunities. Health and safety was also a major focus of the negotiations, with the agreement including a commitment to ongoing consultation and collaboration between Ergon Energy and the unions to improve safety outcomes for workers.

Overall, the 2015 Ergon Energy Union Collective Agreement was seen as a positive outcome for both the company and its workers. The agreement provides stability and security for workers, while also allowing the company to continue to provide reliable and affordable electricity to its customers.

If you`re a worker at Ergon Energy, it`s important to understand the new collective agreement and how it affects you. You can find more information about the agreement on the Ergon Energy website, or by contacting your union representative. By working together, Ergon Energy and its unions have been able to create an agreement that benefits everyone involved.